Planning of Work Until the Next Meeting

This page contains the actions scheduled by the
MEFISTO members at York Meeting (7-9 June 2000) until the last Review Meeting at the end of the Project (January 19th 2001).

When? Who? What?
 September, 1st
All partners
  1. Send material for PMR (second semester) to F. Paterṇ 
  2. Send material for CD-ROM to P. Goillau
September, 15th
All partners
  1. Send material for Deliverable 5 (Methods for usability evaluation) to P. Wright 
  2. Send material for Deliverable 6 (Application of usability evaluation methods) to F. Paterṇ 
October, 5th
All partners
  1. Final versions of Deliverables                     
  2. WP on MIDDLES description (CENA) 
  3. WP on MIDAS description (ALENIA)
  4. Document on the MEFISTO Method
           November, 20th All partners Send to F. Paternò an updated version of progress reports  concerning the last three months (8 September-7 December)of the project.
December, 7th
All partners End of project
           17-19 January 2001 All partners Internal Meeting + Review Meeting in Pisa 

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