Publications Reporting Work in which
ConcurTaskTrees (CTT) has been used


Use of ConcurTaskTrees to specify task models for supporting user interface design

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Use of ConcurTaskTrees to support usability evaluation

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Use of ConcurTaskTrees to support analysis and design of interactive safety critical applications

"Concur Task Trees (CTT) Task Modeller"
Human Performance (HP) Repository
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Support for developing task models from informal scenarios

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Use of task models to design presentations

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Main features of ConcurTaskTrees

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Deriving software architecture form task models described by ConcurTaskTrees

"Engineering Task Models"
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ConcurTaskTrees for modeling context-aware interactive systems


CTT and HCI patterns


CTT in Ambient Assisted Living Applications

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Non-Classified Pubblications concerning ConcurTaskTrees

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