In Italy the Evaluation of Research Quality (VQR) exercises aim at evaluating the research outcomes of public universities and research institutes, which provide the best results of their researchers, and is carried out every five years. I had the interesting experience of being part of GEV 01 (mathematics and computer science panel), in particular in the INF/01 subcommettee (computer science) in the latest VQR (and also in the previous one). Some colleagues had asked me for information on how many products were submitted in the various ERC topics related to computer science, information that we had not included in the final report. I also said to myself that these would probably be data of interest to the entire computer science community to understand how it is evolving, perhaps they could be compared with similar data in countries where computer science research is advanced, also to understand if there are over or undersized areas.

ANVUR has kindly granted me the data and the authorization to share them with the relevant scientific community. When submitting products to the VQR, each product could be associated with up to a maximum of three ERC codes. The tables, therefore, show the distribution of the aforementioned products on the basis of this arrangement. As requested, the data is provided both for SSD INF/01 and for the entire GEV01, with reference to VQR 2011-2014 and VQR 2015-2019.