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Project IUDSM (Distributed User Interfaces and Mobile Security)
Project IUDSM (Distributed User Interfaces and Mobile Security)

Description of Research Project

The aim of the project is to explore innovative solutions to support mobile users that can access both mobile and fixed devices dynamically distributing the user interface elements of applications accessed in order to better carry out their activities. In this context, attention will be placed on how to preserve the security for access to applications in multi-device and how to intuitively perceive the current level of security. In the second year will focus on application scenarios of the proposed solution in multi-user as well as multi-devices environments. This implies the ability to have applications that receive information at the same time by different users that can take advantage of shared devices (such as large screens) to coordinate and share information. Also in this area use policies across applications, resources on the mobile device, and their capabilities will also be implemented using level language for expressing political use of resources in mobile environments. The solution will be applied in case studies identified by the partner company (eg electronic publishing).







For more information please contact the project coordinator Fabio Paternò at fabiopaternoisticnrit

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