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Museum of the Marble

and Cultural Heritage of Carrara City

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Handheld Guide

The Marble Museum of Carrara can be visited with the support of an electronic guide installed on a handheld.

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This handheld guide provides the visitors with information about the artworks using audio and video files. The information concerns the history of the Museum, the characteristics of the sections and the artworks contained. Furthermore, as soon as visitors enter a new section the handheld guide automatically provides them with information related to it through an infrared-based system installed in the Museum.

The use of the Handheld Guide is FREE.

The visitors who used the guide will be kindly asked to fill a questionnaire helping them to evaluate their experience, highlight possible errors and suggest new ideas for improving the handheld guide.


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Museum of the Marble and the Cultural Heritage-created by Laura Secchiari under the supervision of Prof. Fabio Paternò