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Museum of the Marble

and Cultural Heritage of Carrara City

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The Museum


The Museum of marble was founded in 1982 thanks to the support of the city council. The Museum aims at collecting documents and testimonies on the local culture relating to marble in order to preserve them and have their value increased.

Over the years, the museum has become the venue where the city's historical legacy is enshrined, thus providing scholars with valuable material for thei studies.

Archaeological finds, written documents, photographs; machines for marble processing, castings, educational models, and marble samples: thanks to the items it holds, the museum allows for wider knowledge of the world of marble as seen from different angles and from different educational standpoints.

The institution also works as a stimulating mixing of material culture, historical legacy and cultural testimonies.


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Museum of the Marble and the Cultural Heritage-created by Laura Secchiari under the supervision of Prof. Fabio Paternò