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Who What When
Project Coordinator Official request of extension and date for review meeting ASAP
UCL Sends ISTI the sample web site and its CUI End of June
UJF Circulates ISO 25000 and material with criteria for evaluation End of June
UCL More introductory description of XML language. End of June
ISTI Provides Motorola with list of organizations that have Downloaded TERESA.  
IS3 Sends light version (make reservation and search and display results task) of the case study End of June
ISTI Sends papers on migration to UJF End of June
Motorola, IS3 Update the exploitation plan (December version). End of July
UCL More refined description of XML language 1st October
All partners and EU officer Review meeting by 13th-17th Decemer
D2.3 Improved and integrated tools for model-based design and run-time adaptation of multi-context applications
ISTI Template End of June
UJF Sends papers End of June
Involved partners Send contributions to ISTI End of September
ISTI Introduction, design time: TERESA.  
UJF/ISTI Runtime.  
ISTI/UCL Integration TERESA/ReverseXML  
UJF Summary example  
D3.5 Improved prototypes designed with CAMELEON support.
Motorola Provides skeleton End of June
Motorola Sends first draft to everybody End of September
Motorola Case Study (Introduction)  
IS3 Case Study (Introduction)  
Motorola Case Study (Application)  
IS3 Case Study (Application)  
D3.7 Final evaluation of tools and methods
Partners Provide material 1st October
Motorola TERESA evaluation  
IS3 ReversiXML evaluation  
UCL, IS3 Evaluation of functional coverage of USIXML  
IS3 Run-time support evaluation.  
ISTI Trans-modal evaluation  
ISTI General Comments  
D3.6 Usability evaluation of applications
Motorola, IS3 Provide material Mid October
  Introduction End of June
Motorola -Evaluation organization (criteria and protocol) references to ISO 25000
-Evaluation and Result
IS3 -Evaluation organization (criteria and protocol) references to ISO 25000
-Evaluation and Result
Additional reports: XML language, Updated Exploitation plan




 Last updated: June 15, 2004