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SIG Cameleon
  A Special Interest Group on CAMELEON (SIG Cameleon) has been settled. The purpose of SIG Cameleon will be to facilitate communication between the consortium and possible users of the results of the project.  

We foresee three types of organizations as members of SIG Cameleon

  • Companies whose business is in developing multi-context applications that can be interested in using methods, models and tools developed in the project; 
  • End-users who would like to have applications obtained using the CAMELEON approach; 
  • Universities and resarch centres that are interested in the tools for teaching purposes and for their projects.

We identify two levels of memberships in SIG Cameleon:

  • Level 1 (Basic Level), each CAMELEON partner can propose a member at level 1 and that is automatically accepted by all the consortium. SIG members at level 1 will be added in the SIG Cameleon mailing list (already activated at sig-cameleon@cnuce.cnr.it), they will be listed in the CAMELEON web site, they are informed about the CAMELEON meetings and related events and can ask to attend a  CAMELEON meeting. Any Level 1 member can ask for Level 2 membership at any time.
  • Level 2 (High level), each CAMELEON partner can propose a member at level 1 but its acceptance should receive approval by all consortium partners. In addition to what is allowed to members at the basic level, this type of members can access the CAMELEON BSCW server and all the material contained in it (working papers, deliverables, slides of the meeting presentations, ...). They can use the CAMELEON tools. They are regularly invited to attend the CAMELEON meetings. The registration fee is 2000 euro.



 Last updated: March 14th, 2002