Homepage of CAMELEON Project
Homepage of CAMELEON Project 
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  I.S.T.I. - CNR Institute, Italy IS3-GICE, France Motorola, Italy Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium Université Joseph Fourier, France  
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  To reach its goals, CAMELEON will build upon established and forthcoming principles of user-centred design, universal design, usability engineering and modelling techniques, taking into account emerging technologies in middleware, networking and user interface software technology to address the opportunities and requirements for highly effective interaction. 

CAMELEON will address these challenges by bringing together expertise from model-based user interface development, multimodal interaction techniques and component-based software engineering, by providing modelling techniques, methods and tools that support variation of access devices and environmental context while preserving usability.  The project participants offer research backgrounds and current activity that provide a balanced coverage of all the project objectives. The consortium is composed of five partners:


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