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The main purpose of this SIG is to bring about a coherent research agenda in the field of end user development. Therefore we will bring together actors from the fields: adaptability, adaptivity, tailoring of system functionality and user interfaces, the use of annotations for individuals and user groups, and use of effective visual and multimedia representations. Both single and cooperative environments will be of interest.

Typical applications areas for end user development are mobile systems and their applications (for example commerce), office and decision support applications, and home applications. We will also try to address the needs of expert communities, such as those working in CAD Systems, technical maintenance, and Air Traffic Control.

In the SIG we aim to review the state of art in these field, to give a framework to evaluate current approaches, and to identify promising research lines and the possible results which can be foreseen in the next years.

Topics of interests include:
End user development architectures
Innovative scripting languages
Adaptive and situation aware applications
Interfaces for end user programming
Model-based design
Collaborative programming/tailoring activities
Design principles for end user environment
Psychology of end user programming
Heuristic evaluations of end user programming environments
Ethnographical studies on end user programming.

Wednesday September 3rd, 14.00-16.00

Introduction, including presentation of the network (10 minutes by Fabio Paternò).

Introduction of participants (10 minutes)

Presentation and discussion of Design Principles and Claims for End-User Development (5 minutes - 10 minutes discussion - by Alistair Sutcliffe)

Presentation and discussion of an early draft of research agenda discussed in the EUD-Net Network (5 minutes - 10 minutes discussion - by Fabio Paternò).

Presentation and discussion of the Pragmatic Web: Customizable Web Applications (5 minutes - 10 minutes discussion - by Alexander Repenning).

Interactive discussion with participants on the research topics, selection of those that seem more important, and comments on the solutions proposed. In this part of the SIG it will be possible to split participants into different groups, each one associated with a specific topic. (45 minutes)

Discussion on future plans, in particular on how to create a common background in this area among those who are interested in it and how to influence international bodies such as European Commission, National Science Foundation (10 minutes).


Last Update: November 3rd, 2003