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Conference Paper 11 (CP11)

Authors: Calvary C., Coutaz. J., Thevenin, D., Limbourg, Q., Souchon, N., Bouillon, L., Vanderdonckt J. 
Title:  Plasticity of User Interfaces: A revised reference framework
Conference: TAMODIA 2002, Bucharest, Romania, July 18-19, 2002 

Mobility coupled with the development of a wide variety of access devices has engendered new requirements for HCI such as the ability of user interfaces (UIs) to adapt to different contexts of use. We define a context of use as the set of values of variables that characterize the computational device(s) used for interacting with the system as well as the physical and social environment where the interaction takes place. A UI is plastic if it is able to adapt to context changes while preserving usability. In this paper we present a reference process for the engineering of plastic user interfaces. The process revises a previously published reference framework [3]. The amendment is twofold: first it refines the design time process and sec-ondly extends its coverage to the run time.

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