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Conference Paper 15 (CP15)

Authors: Mori, G., Paterṇ, F. and Santoro C. 
Title: Tool Support for Designing Nomadic Applications 
Conference: IUI 2003, Miami (Florida), January 11-15, 2003

Model-based approaches can be useful when designing nomadic applications, which can be accessed through multiple interaction platforms. Various models and levels of abstraction can be considered in such approaches. The lack of automatic tool support has been the main imitation to their use. We present a tool, TERESA, supporting top-down transformations from task models to abstract user interfaces and then to user interfaces for different types of interaction platforms (such as mobile phones or desktop systems). It allows designers to keep a unitary view of the design of a given nomadic application. Moreover, the tool provides support for obtaining effective interfaces for each type of platform available, taking into account the consequent differences in terms of tasks and their performance.

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Last updated: January 23rd, 2003