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Conference Paper 16 (CP16)

Authors: Bouillon, L. and Vanderdonckt, J.
Title: Retargeting Web Pages to other Computing Platforms 
Conference: IEEE 9th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering WCRE'2002, Richmond, Virginia, 29 October-1 November 2002, IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos, 2002, pp. 339-348.

Mobile platforms are becoming an increasingly important alternative for accessing web pages. Many Web pages are not suited to these platforms and need to be adapted, or rewritten from scratch. Adaptation can be made in two ways: either by a dynamic conversion or by a static reengineering. VAQUITA belongs to the second category by applying a model-based approach to reverse en-gineer web pages at a certain level of abstraction to transfer them to other computing platforms afterwards. Instead of reverse engineering a presentation model and translating it into another model specified for a particular platform, this paper proposes a reverse engineering tai-lored for any target platform, even one not yet defined. The essence of this reverse engineering approach consists in composing several functions of abstraction, reflection, translation, and reification into two steps: retargeting and regenerating a web page to another platform.


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