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Conference Paper 17 (CP17)

Authors:Chesta C., Fliri M., Martini S., Russillo B., Barbero C. 
Title: Methodologies for Development of Nomadic Applications. 
Conference: Motorola S3 Symposium 2003. Itasca, Illinois, 20-25 July 2003.

The paper presents some innovative techniques and methodologies to provide software engineering support for the development of applications accessible through multiple heterogeneous platforms, which have been studied within the framework of the European project CAMELEON. The goal of the CAMELEON project is to build methods and environments supporting the design and development of highly usable context-sensitive multi-platform interactive software systems. The main results will be conceptual models, methods and tools supporting the design and development of the interface of heterogeneous devices while preserving usability. Use of context information is expected to reduce maintenance cost of multi-platform applications and improve their usability, providing significant benefits to both developers and mobile users.


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Last updated: July 8th, 2003