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Conference Paper 2 (CP2)

Authors: Bouillon, L., Vanderdonckt, J.,  and Souchon, N.
Title: Recovering Alternative Presentation Models of a Web Page with VAQUITA.
Conference: CADUI'02,  May 15-17, 2002 Valenciennes (F)

VAQUITA allows developers to reverse engineer a presentation model of a web page according to multiple reverse engineering options. The alternative models offered by these options not only widen the spectrum of possible presentation models but also encourage developers in exploring multiple reverse engineering strategies. The options provide filtering capabilities in a static analysis of HTML code that are targeted either at multiple widgets simultaneously or at single widgets at a time, for their attributes and other manipulations. This flexibility is particularly important when the presentation model is itself used to migrate the presentation of the web page to other types of user interfaces, possibly written in different languages, in different computing platforms.

Download the pdf file (214 KB)

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