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Homepage of CAMELEON Project 
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I.S.T.I. - C.N.R.
Human-Computer Interaction Group 

I.S.T.I. - C.N.R Institute      
Via G. Moruzzi, 1
56010 Ghezzano Pisa - Italy

Homepage of I.S.T.I.

The Human-Computer Interaction Group at I.S.T.I.-C.N.R. has extensive experience with European projects related to HCI topics. Coordinator partner of MEFISTO project (where integration of safety and usability in air traffic control was considered), one of the main partner of GUITARE project (where a set of tools for the generation of user interfaces from task models in ERP applications is being developed), the group has also been working on adaptive web interfaces for museum applications. Current research interests include Methods and Tools for User Interface Design, Usability Evaluation, User Interfaces for Mobile Systems, and Design of User Interfaces for Interactive Safety-Critical Systems.

Fabio Patern˛
Phone: +39 050 315 3066
Fax:     +39 050 313 8091
Carmen Santoro
Phone: +39 050 315 3053
Fax:     +39 050 313 8091
Giulio Mori
Phone: +39 050 315 3056
Fax:     +39 050 313 8091
Carmine Ciavarella
Phone: +39 050 315 3056
Fax:     +39 050 313 8091
Renata Bandelloni
Phone: +39 050 315 3127
Fax:     +39 050 313 8091

 Last updated: November 11, 2003