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Homepage of CAMELEON Project 
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Motorola Technology Center Italy

Via Cardinal Massaia, 83
 Turin - Italy 

Homepage of Motorola

The Motorola Technology Center Italy is part of the Global Software Division, which is a premier provider of software engineering technologies, products, simulation models, and system solutions for Motorola and its customers worldwide. The centre is focusing in three major domains: future applications for 3rd generation wireless systems, system availability research, and advanced user interfaces architecture. The user interface research is aimed in investigating the most promising and innovative techniques, which allow people to access devices in a human-friendly way.

Cristina Chesta
Phone: +39 011 291 1424
Fax:     +39 011 291 2910
Cristina Barbero
Phone: +39 011 291 1307
Fax:     +39 011 291 2910 
Raffaele Menolascino

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