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Homepage of CAMELEON Project 
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Université Joseph Fourier
Ingénierie de l'Interaction Homme-Machine

Université Joseph Fourier      
Laboratoire CLIPS, Fédération IMAG
385 rue de la Bibliothèque BP 53 
38041 Grenoble cedex 9 France

Homepage of Université Joseph Fourier

The user interface research group (IIHM) at UJF is primarily concerned with the software engineering aspects of Computer Human Interaction and aims at transferring HCI design principles and theories into software design modelling. It has extensive experience in multimodal interaction and software architecture modelling for interactive systems. The group is the author of the PAC model, a conceptual architecture model that captures software engineering issues such as modularity and modifiability, as well as properties motivated by cognitive modelling such as task interleaving and multimodal interaction. The group is involved in the design and implementation of augmented objects that blend together physicality with virtuality. It is designing an framework for supporting the adaptation of user interfaces to the variability of interactional devices.

Joëlle Coutaz
Phone: +33 04 76 51 48 54
Fax:     +33 04 76 44 66 75
Gaelle Calvary
Phone: +33 04 76 51 48 54
Fax:     +33 04 76 44 66 75
David Thevenin
Alexandre Demeure



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